Welcome to Mr. Como’s BCA Course

Welcome both students and parents to our Smithtown High School School of Business Business and Personal Computer Applications course.

This course was developed/designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn some of the most utilized workplace software that is offered in the Microsoft Office Suite. These programs included, but are not limited to, MsExcel 2016 and Ms Movie Maker. Students will also learn the entire Google Suite which includes, Google Slides, Google Forms, and Google Drawings. Students who are enrolled in this course will also have the opportunity to learn computer literacy skills and utilizing the web for the presentation of information using WordPress. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop the necessary college and workplace computer applications skills that will help them reach their professional career goals.



MS Movie Maker 2016

Google Slides

Google Forms

Google Drawing

Web Design – WordPress.com


FINAL EXAM will be a comprehensive assessment which will have students apply their computer skills in a business simulation setting.

This course is offered as a 3 College Credit course, accredited through SUNY Farmingdale. Students who wish to acquire these offered college credits must maintain a B or better average.